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Digital transformation using no-code

Innovation through Digitalization


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Digital transformation using no-code

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In the current economy, innovation and digitalization are  fundamental conditions to stay relevant. The business sits in the driving seat. Speed is an essential requirement. Therefore, every effort must be made to provide them with the tools to achieve quick results.

Aziri provides a fast, smart and flexible solution to your automation needs. Using No-Code techniques, we deliver tailor made web portals, mobile apps or backoffice applications in a blink of the eye. As a cherry on the cake, we make you ‘self-sufficient’ by training both non-IT and IT employees in the techniques we use.




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Making use of the Betty Blocks NoCode platform, we do not code software. We design the datamodel required to support your needs and add business logic that reflect your business processes. Depending on the specific requirements of your ‘users’, we deliver a frontend that suits their needs (BackOffice, Webportal, Mobile app).

A developer cannot develop a solution if the business cannot articulate her exact needs. But how can the business identify her exact needs, when they do not know what is possible ? The famous ‘Chicken or the Egg’ situation which leads to frustration for both parties (“the business doesn’t know what it wants”, “IT is not flexible or doesn’t understand the business requirements”).

Smart software development starts with the setup of an MVP – Minimal Viable Product. This facilitates the users to ‘Think along‘. Using a ‘Fail fast’ or ‘Fail forward’ philosophy, we avoid weeks of development against wrong assumptions (saving a lots of time and money) and adjust at an early stage.

In small sprints – “how to eat an elephant ? One piece at a time !” – we design new functionality that can be ‘experienced’ at an early stage. This allows all parties to reflect, and to collect feedback for a follow-on sprint.

Since we don’t code the solutions, but rather ‘design’ software using models, actions and a UI layer, it is possible for ‘Citizen Developers‘ – for instance, business users with a good sens for data structures – to change business flows, add some extra fields, or even develop their own apps.

Developing an application  is one thing. Making our customers ‘smart’ is what makes us different. This is how we facilitate innovation for our customers.

As a certified Betty Blocks partner, we provide training tracks allowing our customers to become ‘Self-Sufficient’. A traditional approach is often as follows :

  • Start with a Sprint 0 : identify the needs, and start with an MVP
  • Evaluate the MVP and identify whats next (Fail forward)
  • Get educated – follow the NoCode Basics training
  • Continue follow-on sprints on your own, or in joined efforts with us
  • Consider app 2, 3 etc

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Digital transformation using no-code

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