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Zwembaden Bollen ready for 200 installations per year.

Kurt Van Eeckhout - 14 January 2021 - 0 comments

When Kim Bollen, son of founder Rudi Bollen, contacted us about setting up a small app for tracking site visits, we quickly got excited about the challenge. We would do that in roughly 1 day. Soon, more and more ideas to work more efficiently popped up. Today, the small app grew into a fully-fledged solution to support all business processes for swimming pools Bollen. To Kim it’s clear: the only way to respond quickly to the growing demand for swimming pools without compromising on quality is scalability and efficiency. And efficiency is in the blood of Zwembaden Bollen. They work via a standard range of available swimming pools and the same technical components are used at all times. This allows for fast delivery, there are no surprises during installation, and one succeeds in making potential customers happy with a new swimming pool in a shorter term than the competition.

A well-oiled machine requires a ‘lean and mean’ business process.

More and more installations, up to 200 in a year – since it is not possible to work all year round due to the weather conditions, this means carrying out 2 installations on the same day: one in the morning and a second in the afternoon – that requires a tight schedule. Correct management of the technicians and, of course, good administrative follow-up is crucial.

Since the company has already good customer database within Exact Online (their accounting and invoicing software), it was obvious to retrieve the customer information via a fully automatic integration (via web services). As a result, existing customers are ‘recognized’ when they register on the website for a maintenance request or a repair. In addition, the app retrieves information from various products in order to link them to a site visit. Each morning, the technicians need to load their van with all the products needed for their site visits that day. The app now provides them with an overview of all the required products, which reduces the chance of making mistakes.

Return On Investment

The rapid growth of our customer could only be supported in two ways: either with more administrative hands, or more automation. It is clear that the digital highway was the only future proof, scalable choice. Even at this stage, they assume they will safe at least 1 administrative FTE.

Why Aziri

As a supplier of efficient software development platforms, one is always interested in understanding why a new customer chooses you. Is it price, does it have to do with persuasiveness or can we offer functionality that the competition cannot offer? At Zwembaden Bollen, they were particularly charmed by the corporate culture: we responded just as quickly and pragmatically as they do to their customers. This created a bond of trust and the long-term commitment of a partnership was born. The licensing policy / affordability of the underlying platform (Zoho Creator) did not form any obstacle. The end result is an app that is used on a desktop by the administrative staff, on an iPad by the technicians and very often simply consulted by Kim Bollen via his mobile phone, when on the road to a satisfied customer. Small extra functionalities such as being able to click on the customer address in order to see the route in Google Maps, or integrating with Google calendar allowing the technicians to consult their planning in a calendar they are already familiar with, are the icing on the cake.

Zwembaden Bollen (Dutch)

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