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Welcome Marciano Antonacci

Kurt Van Eeckhout - 22 March 2021 - 0 comments

We are happy to welcome another intern to the team this year. Marciano would like to introduce himself.

Hey ! I am Marciano Antonacci.

I am 20 years old and I am currently in my last year of Applied Informatics. Most people would describe me as motivated, friendly and perfectionist. Since childhood I have been interested in everything to do with building websites and developing applications. To finish my studies, I will be doing an internship at Aziri in the coming weeks.

The reason I chose Aziri is because I find the principle of NoCode & LowCode very interesting. The company immediately appealed to me during our introduction and I am very happy that I can do my internship here.

During my internship, I will be developing a mobile app for Transport Michiels with Zoho Creator to simplify HR processes for their drivers.

For my research, I will study to what extent mobile apps can be personalized in Zoho Creator and how they can be published to the Apple Store or Google Play store.

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