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  • Date: March 30, 2020


  • Client: Y-DENTITY


Who or what is Y-Dentity?

Y-Dentity is an organization that helps companies, sports clubs and schools to discover, articulate and optimally use the intrinsic motivation of employees, athletes or students in their performance and development process. They have designed a practical and manageable methodology that generates a flow of crucial interaction between the users and their environment. A young athlete is challenged in the right tone every week by his trainer. Despite all the reforms, an employee still feels connected and valued by his or her team and manager. A student is autonomously motivated and makes positive study choices.

Y-Dentity swears by a constant evaluation of the motivation-identity, rather than a snapshot of a person’s character. Although they assign a profile to a person based on questionnaires, such a Y-Dentity can change over time. Hidden behind the seemingly simple questionnaires, the webapp applies complex calculations on the answers entered.

The need for an application

Just like a person’s motivation-identity, Y-Dentity constantly evaluates their methodology. Due to the success of their company, the need for a digital tool grew. The analysis of completed paper questionnaires is a time-consuming task. Moreover, in 2020 a user expects an app where questionnaires and evaluations are immediately visible. Like any modern organization, Y-Dentity was forced to digitize.

Minimum Viable Product

Y-Dentity carefully chose the No-Code development platform from Betty Blocks. A No-Code development platform allows developers and non-developers to develop applications quickly and easily. This is a serious advantage in an environment where the exact requirements are not yet clear. One can start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): a rough and simple version of the application. Thanks to the No-Code platform, such an MVP is available in No-Time and an evaluation can be made immediately: what is OK, what is should be improved and what do we need to add? Through short development cycles of one week, Aziri developed small functionalities that Y-Dentity was able to test and evaluate immediately.

You can easily devise an application in theory. To facilitate this, Aziri executes an extensive “Sprint 0” together with the customer, where we go through the entire application. We define personae (imaginary users) who will use the application and go through each step of the application.

Yet “the real deal” has its advantages: no matter how much and hard you think about an application in theory, in practice you will still come across unforeseen situations or new requirements. A No-Code platform and an agile project approach is the perfect combination to develop quickly instead of thinking about the requirements for weeks. You can immediately see parts of the application in operation and provide feedback. This often works faster and more accurately because you then iterate on the actual end product.

The result

After several months of iteration, there is now a first version of the Y-Dentity app. A fully responsive webapp (usable on desktop, tablet and smartphone) that digitally guides users in the search for their intrinsic motivation.

Like any application, the Y-Dentity app is never finished: after all, you keep iterating on the current version and always make improvements and extra functionalities. Thanks to the No-Code development platform, employees of Y-Dentity can make adjustments themselves and thus make their product increasingly rich in the following weeks, months and years.

For more information about Y-Dentity, feel free to contact them via or  +32496258210.

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