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Betty Blocks



    When we discussed the possibility to deploy an MVP – minimal viable product – for a custom webshop in a blink of an eye, Igepa was happy to challenge us on the promise. In the short term, Igepa was looking for a flexible and customizable solution as a layer on top of an existing webshop.
    In concrete, they were interested in deploying a tailor-made layer to accommodate the specific requirements of their customers and prospects, and this without the need for an army of ICT resources. This approach was an important element to differentiate themselves from the competition, while answering tenders during the sales proces.
    To avoid having to maintain multiple versions of a webshop, we developed a ‘customer specific’ layer that communicates with the existing webshop via webservices.

    After a sprint 0 – to determine the minimum functionality needed for the MVP – and 5 days of design, we had a working solution. In a later phase we added functionality such as multi-language, after which the webshop was made available to an international customer.
    In the mean time, a mixed team of users (IT professionals, Analysts and Innovation Mgt backgrounds) got trained in the Betty Blocks No-Code platform by us, allowing Igepa to expand their offering in a ‘Self-Service’ manner.

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