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Betty Blocks

Events counter – ITSME

  • Date: July 1, 2019

  • Skills: Betty Blocks, HTML, CSS, ITSME

  • Client: Anonymous Belgian City/Township


As a “Seeing is Believing” project, we developed a business process for citizens, to declare ‘events’ they intent to start within their respective city/township. The start of such an event triggers a process that, depending on the answers given to a set of pre-defined questions, collects the advise from several services (police, fire brigade, green service, etc) before authorization is given to proceed with the event. The city has the possibility to define all thinkable questions and potential answers, and thus to decide which question/answer combination should trigger the need for an advice. This made the solution future-proof, as requirements change over time. 

Aziri took the additional challenge to develop an integration with ITSME, via webservices, enabling users (citizens) to be uniquely and safely identified via this Belgian e-ID validation process. 

Online demo