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No-Code Hackathon

hans - 20 February 2020 - 0 comments

Do you need a smart platform that allows Business and IT to build innovative applications quickly? And do you have a nice use case? Then challenge us!

Every day, we meet organizations that are still using spreadsheets or outdated software. Several organizations have great ideas for improving their internal processes or ideas for serving their customers even more. But as it turns out, most organizations are having a hard time bringing these great digital ideas to life. They really want to, but they are missing the right software platform to do it.

Our mission at Aziri is to help these organizations out. We provide you with a No-Code platform on which you can develop your ideas in No-Time. Imagine that you can make an application in only 24 hours.

The idea

In order to proof that it is possible to make an application in only 24 hours, we organize a No-Code Hackathon. You can send your business idea and we will make an application that covers your needs. We will develop your challenge on the No-Code Platform Betty Blocks.

The challenge

We have 24 hours to develop your application. Challenge us with your great, crazy, digital business idea by filling in the form here below. We will select one application that we will develop in 24 hours (and free of charge ;-).

The practicalities

  • Our No-Code Hackathon will take place from Thursday, April 23 (15:00) till Friday, April 24 (15:00).
  • Please send your challenge before Friday, March 27 by filling in the form here below.
  • The application will be developed free of charge.

Submit your application idea

We’re sorry. Registrations for the No-Code Hackathon are closed.

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