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Newbies in our No-Code Community

Kurt Van Eeckhout - 18 May 2020 - 0 comments

In the mean time, in quarantine…

It’s been a while since you had feedback from us. But we have not been sitting still.
Well … maybe physically we did. But business-wise, we made quite some progress. Over the last few months, 3 new companies joined our No-Code Community. One of them grabbed the opportunity to have our internship develop a first version of an application. Another company needed a quick solution to integrate with SAP (API integration). For our most recent customer, we developed an ‘opportunities matching’ app. Needless to say that we’re extremely proud of all our customers. Looking forward to expand our community over the following months.


Our hero customers so far : Sweco Belgium, Desk Services, Igepa , WinWinner, Y-Dentity, Moore and Warsco


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