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Newbies in our No-Code Community

hans - 9 January 2020 - 0 comments

A lot has happened, since we started with our mission to evangelize the market with ‘Citizen Development’ a year ago.

Spreading the word takes time… but some companies are faster than others in embracing this unavoidable new way-of-working. The reasons why those companies joined our community are not always the same. One had a strong belief that Digital Transformation is not something for the future, but was an immediate requirement to differentiate from the competition. Another company had a strong business requirement, but not the time or the resources to quickly deliver upon this need. A third context was about needing an ‘app’ in the Apple store & Google Playstore. Time-to-market was important, so we made that happen in ‘no time’. Whatever the trigger was that made them choose for Aziri and Betty Blocks, all parties shared the same long-term strategy: obtain fast results with a solution that allows for a Self-Service approach at all times, even though IT resources are limited. 

Our hero customers so far : Sweco Belgium, Desk Services, Igepa and WinWinner.


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