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Join us on No-Code Now!

hans - 5 February 2020 - 0 comments


No-Code Now! builds upon the previous successes of Betty Blocks on Stage. During this event, Betty Blocks will show you how IT professionals develop applications faster with the Betty Blocks no-code platform and apply advanced techniques in the escape hatch. They also will dive into how organizations align their business and IT goals through a collaborative citizen development strategy, allowing the business to achieve more, while still protecting core business information.

If you’re interesed to join on this event, you should definitely fill in the form hereunder. We will try to get you free tickets! 🙂


Workshop Day | Wednesday 18 March

Day 1 is filled with workshops where you’ll get your hands dirty. We have a workshop catered to IT professionals, and a workshop catered to business users. If you want to get practical with no-code, you don’t want to miss this.

Main Event | Thursday 19 March

The main event is filled with keynotes, one-on-one sessions, the No-Code Bar, debates, a trip down memory lane, and much more. Think Betty Blocks on Stage last year, with an extra pinch of salt and pepper.


Vue Cinema Alkmaar | Pettemerstraat 1 | 1823 CW Alkmaar | The Netherlands

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