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Everything you want to know about the New Pagebuilder in Betty Blocks

hans - 17 January 2020 - 0 comments

Betty Blocks has made quite some changes in the platform that are not always visible to the common user. The platform moved its hosting to Microsoft Azure. They also invested heavily in moving to a Kubernetes environment. They rewrote the platform from Ruby (on rails) to Elixir. The latter was a decision to avoid being victim of their own success (scalability of the platform). For your information: Elixir is used by companies like Netflix, Whatsapp and Pinterest. 

As a consequence of this rewrite, developers can now build pages in the ‘New pagebuilder’ that are transformed to actual Elixir code, which is executed at runtime. 

While still in Beta at this stage, Aziri developed a first mobile application based on this new environment. What is the first thing that comes to mind, when testing the new pagebuilder ? It looks nice, it’s more intuitive and it’s fast. This being said, it is still early days. The Page Builder V2 is still in development and new components are added as we speak. We will let you know when the new Page Builder is officially launched. 

Being a partner that constantly strives for innovation, we built all the components required for the project ourselves. Next to building your own stuff, one can also make use of existing components from react libraries (fi and combine them with tailor made components. At a later phase we anticipate that components will become available as blocks in the ‘blockstore’. 

The new pagebuilder environment also disposes of a ‘Theme Builder’ that facilitates users to build a tailored theme, matching the desired ‘look and feel’ of each application.

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