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Aziri awarded with 2020 Prime Player Award for Zoho Creator

Kurt Van Eeckhout - 21 December 2020 - 0 comments

“Partnerships are formed with the aim of furthering each other by furthering ourselves, and our relationship with Aziri has done exactly that. Zoho Creator’s partners have been the backbone to our success over the past 14 years. While this year has been difficult for businesses across the globe, the dedication and contributions of partners like Aziri have helped us weather this storm and come out stronger than ever.

That’s why we’re so happy to award Aziri the 2020 Prime Player Award for Zoho Creator!”

Bishan Singh
Director – Enterprise Solutions, Zoho Creator

“Every challenge is an opportunity. 2020 was a special year for Aziri. As a young company, we were creating a solid foundation for sustainable growth when, because of the corona-outbreak, we were confronted with customers and prospects cutting back on their spending. Moreover, we had just terminated our office-lease, with the aim of moving to larger premises. The move never took place, since working from home became the norm. In this changing context, we decided to choose for a ‘full force ahead’ approach, and to continue with an additional offering in the market of low – & nocode solutions. Zoho Creator turned out to be a game changer for us. We are therefore very enthusiastic about this award, and look forward to providing the ‘wow’ factor in the digital transformation processes for many more companies.”

Hans Conings
Co-Founder, Aziri

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